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Aaron Tomberlin | Nashville Photographer

Hey, Aaron here! I’m a photographer residing in the Nashville area. Capturing life and great photos is part of the gig, but I love people and building relationships even more. Allow me to work with you to help capture moments in your life to be remembered vividly, forever. Below you’ll find information for types of photography available for booking, or hire. These are some of the most common types of photography job requests. However, I’m happy to assist in any type of photography work. Click on Contact here or up top to connect with me for a project. And yes, I’m happy to travel anywhere for the job! For video inquiries, please contact my good friend Elliot Eicheldinger. He’s the man.

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Family & Lifestyle Photography - Aaron Tomberlin


  • Usually 30 – 90 minute sessions and usually start around $300.
  • Each session usually results in 75 – 150 edited images. Sometimes more.
  • All sessions will usually be outside, using natural light. Unless there is a stellar looking indoor location nearby.
  • Sessions range from photos of families, children, babies, maternity, senior pictures, bloggers, social media, etc. Both casual and professional.
  • These sessions don’t have to be posed. For families especially, they can simply be in a local park or backyard just having fun. Candid and fun photos usually have the best results.
  • Best times of the day for light and temperature are early mornings 8AM – 10AM, and late evenings from 4PM – 7PM. Times may vary depending on sunrise, sunset, seasons, and time change.
  • Local parks, state parks, backyards, open fields, big rooms, downtown areas, are all great locations for these.
  • To the right is my friend Patrick Bailey and his awesome son, Beau. Thanks guys!

Wedding & Engagement Photography - Aaron Tomberlin


  • Rates may vary depending on size of the wedding, wedding party, and the location and type of venue.
  • Usually weddings are booked as an entire day session, around 16 hours total. Scouting, setup, shooting, etc., with usually two photographers minimum (usually my wife is the second shooter). This results in about 1200 – 2500 edited photos. Shooting none stop all day. Each wedding is quoted differently, but use $2500 as a median quote. Some may be quoted less, some may be quoted much more.
  • The most important thing when booking a wedding photographer is the relationship between the photographer(s) and the wedding party. Any good photographer can take a great looking image. However, capturing emotion is the key, which is based on personalities. We do this by helping to make the day exciting and fun, not stressful.
  • Travel expenses may have to be added if shooting outside of the Nashville/Franklin, TN area.
  • Engagement sessions, and wedding rehearsal dinner sessions (day before shooting) are quoted differently. Less than wedding rates, but more than Family & Lifestyle sessions.
  • To the right are my friends Craig & Ashley Goldman. Thanks for trusting me to shoot your wedding guys!

Documentarian Photography - Aaron Tomberlin


  • As mentioned above, more than photography, I love people and building relationships. I’ve found that using photography is a super quick way to start great conversations and build lasting relationships.
  • I’m more than happy to work with missions groups, businesses, churches, or any organizations who need to document travel and/or charity experiences.
  • For this type of booking, please touch base with me as soon as possible. I like to book decently ahead in advance for photography projects that will require long distances and periods of travel. Thanks!
  • Rates for these bookings will vary. I’m more than happy to work with your budget, just connect with me.
  • To the right is a man named Robert. At the time of the photo, he was 56, a fisherman by trade, and has never left the island of St. Lucia. He was kind enough to allow me to take his photo as a memory of meeting him.

Business Photography - Aaron Tomberlin


  • Headshots, business events, parties, & company profiles.
  • Headshot rates start at $300, but all other sessions are quoted custom for each client. Please contact me for estimates.
  • Large photo sessions can be grouped into packages- shooting headshots, team sessions, social media images, etc., all in a close time period of a day, or few days.
  • Photos can be used for business cards, social media, company teams & departments, company websites, marketing tools, etc.
  • Travel expenses will be added if booked outside the Nashville/Franklin, TN area.
  • Events & parties can yield around 50 – 100 edited images per hour, depending on atmosphere & setting.
  • To the right is the CEO & director of marketing for GrowthWright in Nashville, TN. It was fun working with you guys!

Real Estate Photography - Aaron Tomberlin


  • On average, a listing agent may need 30 images of a home for a standard MLS listing. If more is needed, please contact me for a custom quote.
  • The photo sessions, editing, and receiving the images via DropBox can be accomplished in one day for quick turn around. Agents will usually receive close to 50 images to choose from- depending on layout and size of the home.
  • Special lenses will be used to capture the look of the homes.
  • Rates start at $200 per house, for a 2000 square foot house. Rates increase as square footage increases.
  • To the right is a photo for home listing that I had the pleasure of taking for my wife’s real estate business. We’re a good team. Thanks babe! Need to find or sell a home?