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Lesson Lists & Courses

These are all the same lessons you’ll find on the blog areas of this website, but in list/course form. This maybe an easier way to find what you’re looking for. Use the blog posting to see the most recent videos. I just started adding this section of the website, so bear with me as I develop it and produce new content. Some of you may remember my old guitar lessons website site, AaronsGuitarLessons.com. Recently, I decided to dive back into music training- but offering much more than guitar, better content, and better production. For even more video lessons, archived and older, visit my YouTube Channel.


Intro To Piano – Course Overview – A quick overview of what you’ll be learning in this series. In short, you’ll learn how to teach yourself the piano.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #1: “Notes” – Start from the beginning, literally. This is how to understand notes, natural, flats, sharps… the white and black keys.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #2: “Chords, part 1” – Yes, you’re already going to learn how to play chords.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #3: “Chords, part 2” – Learn a little more about chords.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #4: “Understanding Chord Names, Part 1” – Now that you’re playing some chords, learn what they’re called and how to make more.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #5: “Understanding Chord Names With Basic Theory, Part 2” – Taking it a bit deeper. Using basic music theory to understand chords and their names.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #6: “Relative Minors & Majors” – Every major scale has a twin minor scale, a relative. Understanding the “relative” will help you understand notes, scales, and chords even better.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #7: “Chord Inversions & Root Changes” – The same chord can be played in many ways, which are called chord inversions. If you take your left hand and change the “root” position of the chord (keep the right hand the same), the whole character of the chord changes.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #8: “Common Chord Progressions & Keys” – Taking the knowledge you gained so far and learning very common chord progressions used and heard everyday in music.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #9: “Rhythm & Counting” – Now that you have an understanding of how chord progressions work, let’s talk about understanding the fundamentals of rhythm.
Intro To Piano – Lesson #10: “Dynamics, Meter, & Sustain” – Learning chord progressions, and rhythms is a great start. But separating yourself as a beginner player, and becoming a good piano player is about accomplishing the “touch”.

The Golden Hand Position #1: The Basics – Need quick help for easier chord changes, that also sound better? This is it! No secret, just a common sense why to playing better chord changes and better sounding chord voicings.
The Golden Hand Position #2: Finding Melodies – Use this new right hand pattern to find notes in the major scale to create melodies.

Lesson Based On: How To Play “Oceans” by Hillsong – Going through the chords, the progressions, and simple theory to understand what you’re playing.


Coming soon. Currently working on piano lessons.


Acoustic Guitar

Coming soon. Currently working on piano lessons.


Electric Guitar

Coming soon. Currently working on piano lessons.


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